Will Infographics Destroy Your B2B Branding Strategy?

Yep, you’ve heard it right. Infographics destroy your B2B branding strategy. How come?

Remember the first time I’ve heard and seen an infographic on the Internet, I had bad feeling for it. It’s just like a drawing piece of a kid, unorganized, crappy and most of all, not professional. We adults won’t do this to our serious marketing campaign, will we?

I was wrong. Absolutely.

Recently, when I look back I realize how much I love that colorful drawing piece, it makes me want to read and discover more (and I do with a complete infographic about white paper creation as an outcome, you can see it in my previous post here). Maybe like you, I feel more attracted to this visual content rather than any long blog post or white paper.

Now go back to our first question, can it infographic ruin our marketing and branding strategy as a professional and serious business? If you say yes, think again.

Infographic Conveys Your Expertise

When crafted well, infographic can convey your expertise and knowledge about a topic through numbers from surveys, reports and statistics. But, you say, numbers can be clearly and persuasively displayed in a white paper, can’t they?

That’s right and … wrong. Wrong because in some situations when you have to make comparison among these numbers or convey your stories through just numbers, white papers are boring and they can kill your reputation. It’s when infographic shows its powerful strength with visual content packed with numbers and charts, graphs and emoticons. This time, numbers make people interested and your readers will thank you for this wonderful kind of report.

Infographic Drives You Traffic

When talking about infographics, we talk about socializing. Why do I say that? Because they are cute and interesting, people love them and can’t resist sharing them to their friends and family. This explains why appearing on earth so long but infographics only become popular in this century thanks to the Internet and variety of social media platforms. Social media makes infographic develop and go viral among the community. And it drives traffic to your website too.

Infographic Builds Your Readership

You know that you should be where your customers are hanging around and give them what they are looking for. That’s why you leverage social media for your business online presence. However, you can’t just throw reports, blog posts and white papers at their face and tell them – read it. They are lazy and time-starved, you know than anyone. They need something more relaxed yet informative. Infographics have both. Especially, when you feed an engaging and compelling infographic to your social channels, you can build a substantial list of followers to your business.

A Successful Infographic Tells a Story

Though infographics can be very helpful and effective in marketing and building your business brand awareness, they can ruin your professionalism as well if you don’t know how to craft them. A successful and effective infographic always hides a story in it. If you just compose your infographics to your liking, add images, figures, charts, and words at your own comfort, you are making a drawing piece for a kid, no more. And they will turn your readers off.

Next time, when you are going to produce an infographic for your business, remember this:

There’s always a Story in Every Infographic.

Stay tuned to my next infographic about this topic. It will be very cool!