Leverage Infographics for Effective Case Studies, Shouldn’t We?

For B2B marketers and companies alike, case studies are their effective tools to make prospects feel trusted in their services/products. What could be better to hear a story of someone like you who has successfully solved their problem by using a particular solution and service?

Since people only believe in what they can see by their own eyes, case study has its place in their heart. That said, case study has all the power, compelling stories with specific customers and realistic facts and figures.

However, it’s already the past.

Now, I think a change is about to happen (I wish I was right ;), let’s see).

One fact is we human being becomes more and more overwhelmed with information but has almost no time to read all of them. Time-starved habit makes us ignore case studies as soon as we can. And it’s bad for you – marketers and me too.

Just imagine who can be excited with just dried and hard-to-swallow figures after a long tired day at work? Or when we can steal a little time at office, do we really want to read those technical and numerical papers? I bet we don’t.

Actually, these feelings have kept going on my mind these days and out of a sudden, I’ve thought if we have any chances to express our case studies in infographics? Whatever to say isn’t we’re going to put data and numbers in infographics? Which are coincidentally covered in case studies too? Fantastic, isn’t it? (Well, at least I think so).

For all of these reasons, and for my whole love for infographics, I’ve spent a day working with Power point (right, it’s Microsoft Power Point – I have to thank Hubspot for giving away their free Power point templates to creating infographics, which you can find here) and translate a case study about cloud adoption of Concern Worldwide to Microsoft’s Office 365 and put it up below in this post.

Have an interest to take a look? Wonderful!

Also, wouldn’t it be great if you can share with me your thoughts about this?

The original case study can also be found here.

CS1 - Cloud Power_b
A version of this infographic is posted at B2B Cool Infographics.