Marketing materials are electronically promotional and informative materials introducing and educating customers about the benefits your services or products bring to them.

The main objective of emarketing materials is to find leads, build trust in your prospects and existing customers. In this way you nurtue good relationships with your customers which help generate you more sales and improve customer retention.

In the technology industry where services or products are not something you can touch or feel by your own hands and eyes, marketing materials are the essentials since they can tell more about your business and what you have to offer in a way that is unbiased and informative.

Besides using the power of persuasive words in your marketing materials, simple yet effective graphic design also plays crucial role in closing the sales and building sustainable relationship with your customers.


As an advertising tool used to introduce about services or products of a business or organization, brochure needs to be easy-to-read, eye-catching and engaging with its target customers.

A successful brochure can sell your services or products to potential customers through creating rapport, motivating customers to get to know more about your business and services, as well as balancing between persuasion and information.

Though brochures are marketing tool, I understand that if you are hyping too much, your brochures will sell short. Therefore, I only focus on producing you engaging brochures which get read and spread. That’s what a brochure is all about.

White Papers

Being one of the most effective marketing tools, white papers often start with an argument about a topic or problem which can be solved by a specific solution.

A white paper is both an informative article and a persuasive yet engaging brochure. The article part is to educate your customers and the brochure part sells your products/ services.

The educative character of a white paper makes it the most powerful marketing tool as your customers are likely to read the paper because of its useful information; however, it makes it tough for copywriters to do the writing. They have to cleverly combine between the informative article and the selling part so that customers do not even feel that you are selling something to them. Likewise, industry-specific knowledge can also be a big gap to fill.

Together with my extensive knowledge in the technology field, I have what it takes to provide you with your compelling yet informative white papers which in turn convert more sales and build customer loyalty.

Case Studies

Customers buy products or services based on trust and case studies give them just that. Forming as success stories, case studies are bridges to connect you with your potential customers through mutual trust.

I will work closely with you to uncover and highlight the benefits of your services/ products, how they have helped your customers address their problem, overcome and get rid of it in order to produce for you concise, clear and engaging case studies geared towards your target customers.


As one of the most cost-effective marketing tools at your finger-tips, electronic newsletters are packed with news and information about your services/ products and are easy to be sent directly to your customer’s inbox to keep them updated and coming back.

Newsletters can only help you create loyal customers, more sales leads and contribute to the overall success of your business when they are written properly.


Doing business today is all about building strong and sustainable relationships with your customers. That’s why you need autoresponders that nurturing relationships with your customers, persuading them and closing the sales automatically.

Successful autoresponders not only generate you more sales but also increase them day by day.

I have a strong grasp of how to create and deliver such successful autoresponders and maintaining strong relationships with your loyal customers through injecting the concept of brand image into their mind.

Web Content

Fresh web content keeps visitors to your website engaged and interested in your services/ products. Quality and fresh web content is essential to attract more traffic to your website contributing to generate more sales and build customer loyalty for your business.

I strive to deliver you interesting, original and fresh content highlighting your business and its unique characters.

Landing Pages/ Squeeze Pages/ Sales Letters

Landing page or lead generation page, the indispensable internet marketing tool, is where your leads land their wet feet the first time to get to know about your business and services/ products after clicking on an advertisement. Since it’s the first impression you make on your leads to turn them into your customers, a well-written and designed landing page is your most powerful weapon.

I believe that leads generation is as important as customer relationship management to keep your business running and making profits.

I treat it as such.

Want More Leads? More Sales? Contact Me.



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