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From the comfort home of
Catherine Pham

Dear online entrepreneurs/ marketers,
It is my honor to have you here reading this letter of mine. I want to introduce something about me. I am Catherine Pham, like you see I am a copy writer. So what I’m going to tell you here is I want to offer you my copy-writing service, it is about composing sale pages for your business. As far as I know, building a business is tough, but maintaining and developing it is even tougher. I am with you on this side, that’s why I want to help. Because your time is valuable, so does mine, I am going to make it short and simple for we both understand each other.
Who is this letter for?
To make it clear and serious, this letter is for online entrepreneurs who are seeking for a copywriter. What I mean here is a serious copywriter who comes to help you grow your business and only leaves when everything goes off without a hitch.
What’s in it for you?
Doing business is all about customer psychology. It is what’s in your prospects mind when they read your copy that determines your sales conversion rates.
More interestingly, everything happens in a sequence of human thoughts, like when you first read this letter, if you and I are talking, you would ask me: “Who are you? Why do I believe you? What do you have to offer?”
Just hold on, I am going to make it clear right now. However, first thing first, I want you to hear something about my working philosophy.
I always believe that it is a waste of time to produce a sales letter that doesn’t trigger sales, both for you and for me. I don’t want it, and that is not my motto either. I am here to help you, if not help me, to get your business off the ground and build my reputation. So if you want to hire a copywriter to waste time and money just to tell him/her what to do, I am off the road. On the contrary, I am your business partner who is responsible for making your business lift up with just a quickly response-producing sales letter. That is all I can do for you, and that is more than enough for your business, that is what you really want.
Why it must be me?
Why it must be me, the copywriter for your business? Here’s why:
A sales copy is enough.
Just imagine how you can save on hiring a salesman force to help you sell, imagine how a sales copy can earn you money even when you sleep, the thing that a salesman can’t do.
Expand your business exposure.
I always keep in mind of SEO-friendly content, that’s why your sales copy will be likely more visible to search engine, hence your prospects. What’s a well-written copy for if no one reads it, even know of its existence?
Enrich your website with SEO content.
Your website is the main online channel for prospects to know more about your company and services; it’s wise to take much care of it. The problem is: do you know how to take care of it, effectively and properly? Let me help you!
Risk- free service.
You lose nothing to use my service. Only when you find it worth your time and money do you have to pay me. After all, for what I have done for your business, it’s fair to compensate something for me, isn’t it?
So, am I qualified for what I am doing? Or to be more exactly, what qualifications and experiences I’ve got to support my copy-writing service that absolutely has impact on your conversion rates, you ask?
Though I am new to this field, like I said before, I am an expert when it comes to online world. Actually, I have worked in information technology for almost 7 years, and I know what web-surfers’ behavior is all about. I know when, where and how people behave in online world, that‘s my profession. And like I said, making sales online is all about people’s behavior in online world, and that turns to be my strongest point. You have my words on this.

Contact me now for my free quote and consultation!

What can I do for your business?
So what can I do for you and your business? Here’s what I can do for your business:
Often, I offer you an effective sales letter which can quickly shake your visitors, draw their attention from the beginning to the end and the most important thing is to make them click on the shining and magic order button. After all, it’s about making sales that a sales letter is written for, no matter how enticed and engaging it is, no transaction means no money.
In some cases, I can offer some writing SEO website content services if I am really interested in your niche and I am sure that I can do it best for you. I don’t write website content of niche that I don’t believe I can do best. It is also my motto, always the best I can.
You don’t have to pay anything if you don’t want. I’m here just to help, not to take away your money. Always keep that in mind!

Contact me now for my free quote and consultation!

Do you think that to find a good copywriter these days is not easy at all, especially when there are so many choices out there that you can be sometimes confused of who can deliver written copy of high quality? To make it simple, why don’t you test out your going-to-hire copywriter?
That’s why I offer you my online marketing consultation, free of charge. For one reason or another, I know what works for your business and what doesn’t; it is just like a basic instinct. You can shoot me an email telling me about your business, products, and website, I will quickly feed back with my advice on how you can do to improve it. If needed, I can give you some written copies that I think could help you reverse the situation. All is free of charge; you lose nothing but those gloomy days.
You may wonder: “How that could be?” Well, let’s make it simple, I want reputation and credentials, and I too want to help growing your business, as well as mine. It is a win-win situation, remember?

Contact me now for my free quote and consultation!

A full and prompt refund, guaranteed!
It is too dangerous to hire a copywriter that hasn’t got any proven project, isn’t it? I know how you feel and just because I am here to help you fill your pocket with money, I can offer you a full and prompt refund. This means when you have used my finished sales copy and that sales copy couldn’t gain you more sales, which normally doesn’t happen, I will give you a full and prompt refund – no question asked. But hold one, it is not all, I will give you a revision until the copy can do its job. Then it would be your kind to compensate me or simply give me a testimonial. I’d rather see my work lifting your business up than take your money.
How would you compensate me for my excellent job?
Here’s how things will go:
When you require a sales copy from me, of course after I have had some basic information about your business, I will need some free weeks to craft the copy. About half of the time before deadline, I will outline some important paragraphs about your product’s selling points, your bonus, what it is in your product or service that creates a difference in your niche industry, just anything that makes your products, hence your business stand out. I will give you a look of this draft to make sure you are happy with what I am going to present in the copy.
When you are satisfied, I want to receive an amount of upfront payment, just to make sure you are serious with the job I am doing, and you know, to feed my stomach. Then I would deliver you the last copy. You are free to publish it, and spread it; maybe I can give you some more ideas to make it work best.
One or two weeks after the deadline, if you see a lift in your business and you are really blown away, you can pay me the rest, of course if it is so amazing that you want to give me some extra rewards, I am very pleased to accept them.
Rewards can be testimonials, references to your friends, or your valuable feedback on my copy-writing services, or simply the cold cash, I accept them all.

Contact me now for my free quote and consultation!

For you to know more about me I must admit that, honestly and bluntly, I am new in this field. Yeah, you get it right, I am a newbie copywriter. Oops, so there is no point that you would believe me, wouldn’t you? Just hold on, I’m new doesn’t mean I don’t have talent, I don’t have what it takes to craft a killer sales copy, do you agree?
And it is proved by the fact that I have lead you all the way from the beginning of my letter to this far. This is enough to tell you that my letter is so compelling and engaging that you cant’t resist, so do your prospects, just think about it.
And one more important thing you should keep in mind is that a newbie always does his/ her best to help you sell. It is like a win-win game, you make sales and I get my hands on the reputation as a sought-after copywriter. So why don’t you just contact me?

Contact me now for my free quote and consultation!

P.S: I may increase the fees once I have built up my credentials, or just in case when I am booked for weeks, I can’t offer the free consultation service; so what are you waiting for?
P.P.S: For serious entrepreneurs who want to build their online business, I will offer a bonus package of 5 promoting articles for you to freely increase your website’s visibility and boost traffic. This is time-limited bonus, so I guess you should be hurried.

Contact me now for my free quote and consultation!


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