Infographics Are the Fastest Growing Content Types [Slideshare]

According to IDG’s recently released results from its B2B Content Marketing Trends survey, infographics are the fastest growing content type on the web, with adoption rising 1.5-fold over last year. See more at Brafton blog.


What Social Media Platform to Distribute Content? – 2013 B2B Content Marketing Chart

To distribute content, small business marketers use LinkedIn most often (83 percent), with Twitter (81 percent) and Facebook (80 percent) following closely behind. See more at CMI’s 2013 B2B Content Marketing Report.


Case Studies – Powerful Storytelling Technique for Your Lead Generation [Infographic]

Case studies are essential marketing tools often used by B2B marketers to get the word out about a product or service. Effective case studies work like a bridge to fill the gap between your customer’s needs and your services/products.
Let see what you can learn about case studies in B2B marketing through this infographic.